Our Mayfair Made to Measure Tailoring Service offers a modern view on classic tailoring and enables you to personalize you suits with a handsome choice of cloth, style and detail. We can create a garment that fits you perfectly, in your preferred fabric and with all the features that will define you as an individual.

Choose your preferred cloth from a selection of over 4,000 styles from the world's most foremost fabric weavers.

  • canvassed or unconstructed
  • 10 different jacket styles
  • choose the width of your lapel
  • over 20 different pocket options
  • 6 different shoulder styles
  • over 100 lining options
  • buttons are natural horn, mother of pearl or corozo
  • 10 different evening suit styles
  • on demand trousers, waistcoats, shirts and overcoats available


Our basic jacket construction features a half canvassed interior consisting of both fusing and natural horse hair and linen canvas. Buttons and flower loop are attached by hand.

  • suit prices start at € 618,-
  • jacket prices start at € 429,-
  • delivery time 4-6 weeks


Our traditional jacket construction features a fully canvassed interior. Only the best horse hair and linen canvas is used for reduced weight and a more relaxed drape. Buttons and flower loop are attached by hand. Trousers feature a traditional 'curtain waistband'.

  • suit prices start at € 744,-
  • jacket prices start at € 555,-
  • delivery time 4-6 weeks


Our luxury jacket construction features a fully canvassed interior. In addition to hand attached buttons and flower loop, this option features hand made button holes, hand finished under collar and armholes, hand attached chest pocket, lining and lapels and fully hand stitched AMF.

  • suit prices start at € 867,-
  • jacket prices start at € 621,-
  • delivery time 4-6 weeks


The superior jacket construction features a fully canvassed interior and is made in Tuscany. Handwork is seen in attachment of the under collar, armhole, bottom of vents and sleeve vents. Only 100% natural materials from Italy are used.

  • suit prices start at € 1344,-
  • jacket prices start at € 969,-
  • delivery time 3-4 weeks


The ultimate jacket construction is entirely made in Napels, taking over 30 hours to finish a single garment. Only premium natural materials are use to create an immaculately finished uncontructed or fully canvassed garment.

  • suit prices start at € 2133,-
  • jacket prices start at € 1659,-
  • delivery time 4-6 weeks


We offer a selection of over 500 shirting fabrics from Thomas Mason and Daivd John Anderson. Both exclusively use the finest long staple Egyptian cotton to create the best cloths in the world.

  • shirt prices start at € 132,-
  • delivery time 3-5 weeks