Fireplace Gift Set

120,00 €

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D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle

To make is smell like you have a fireplace, especially when you don't have a fireplace.

  • Top notes: dwarf pine wood, atlas cedar
  • Heart notes: smoke, oak ash, cedar
  • Base notes: birch, birch tar, copaiba resin
  • Made in USA

Marwood Mohair Socks

Marwood's plain knit socks are a lighter weight sock than our classic ribbed version, making them perfect for casual wearing in warmer climes. They are non-itchy due to the kemp-free fleeces from Corrymoor angora goats, and specially knitted and hand-dyed in England. Each colour is exclusive to Marwood.

Add a flash of colour to your feet for a characterful look. A worthy investment, these socks won't produce holes, they only get better with age.