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  • 7d

    The quest for the right balance in clothing is inspired by the feel clothing evokes when worn in real life and is based on a continuous search for quality of life.

    In the mood of the era we constantly innovate in both cut and cloth, defining and redefining our natural effortless style.

    Combining modern design with traditional quality, 7d offers comfortable menswear that keeps its beauty over time.

    7d is based in Belgium, but shares their attention to detail and quality with highly specialised mills in England, Italy and Japan and with craftsmen and superior quality manufacturers in the EU.

  • A.P.C.

    A.P.C. was founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou and stands for Atelier de Production et de Création. While inspired by military workwear, the brand is know for its clean lines and minimalist designs. A.P.C. has collaborated with many high profile music artists and fashion brands over the years.

    The brand started out as a jeans brand using only raw Japanese selvedge denim, which is still used today. They tend to fade quickly when worn, allowing denim enthusiasts to achive a lot of wear and fade quickly if they wish.

  • Acne Studios

    Acne Studios is a Stockholm-based fashion house with a multidisciplinary approach. Through founder and Creative Director Jonny Johansson’s interest in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture, an alternative path has been found, turning Acne Studios into a well-respected creator of ready-to-wear, magazines, furniture, books and exhibitions.

    The collections are defined by Jonny Johansson’s signature juxtaposing design and attention to detail, with an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials and custom-developed fabrics.

  • Alice Made This

    Alice Made This is a men's accessories brand that was founded with the clear and precise intention: to refine industry. British industrial engineering methods are used to create clean and honest accessories.

    Inspired by architecture and geometry, a passion and respect for British factories lies at their core. Alice Made This products are driven by the human elements and processes behind industrial manufacturing, machines and materials in Britain.

  • Cesar Casier

    Belgian model and cookbook author Cesar Casier launched his eponymous knitwear project in 2017. The collection is 100% made in Belgium. Everything he designs is produced in a small family owned factory located in Sint-Niklaas.

    Cesar's brand also represents gender equality, as most pieces are unisex. The designs are timeless, comfortable and basic, yet fashionable and with an eye for detail and great quality.

  • Comme des Garçons SHIRT

    Originally founded in Japan in 1969, but introduced in Paris in 1981 for the first time, Comme des Garçons has been pioneering conceptual fashion with deconstruction, asymmetry and monochome colours.

    Overseen by Rei Kawakubo herself, Comme des Garçons SHIRT is one of the brands many diffusion lines and specializes in transformed wardrobe staples. The high quality French-made shirts are slashed, spliced, patched, deconstructed and then reconstructed in continual exploration of how creative one can be with relatively limiting means. The collection is argumented with a moderate collection of outerwear, knitwear, trousers and accessories, as well as a basics range entitled SHIRT Forever.

  • Common Projects

    Common Projects is a premium footwear brand made in collaboration between designers Flavio Girolami and Prathan Poopat. Inspired by the lines and shapes of everyday objects, they design their pieces with tailored approach and all items are handmade in Italy using the finest materials and techniques.

  • Dr Jackson's

    Dr Jackson's is a niche cosmeceutical company created from 21 years of pharmacognosy research, utilising the best from nature.

    Founder Dr Simon Jackson has been doing research in laboratories around the world, carrying out in-vitro and in-vivo testing of indigenous plants and traditional medicines sourced all over the world from Europe and the Amazon to Indonesia to Sub-Saharan Africa, and collaborating with the best formulation scientists to produce a range of high-end skincare.

  • Dr Ludidi

    Dr. Ludidi is Health Consultant and Nutrition Scientist with a Ph.D in Gastroenterology. The doctor embraces an innovative approach in improving people's health and is a renowned expert in the field of nutrition and lifestyle.

    He has always been intrigued by the human body and its physiology. Physical activity plays a prominent role in his personal life and he believes that a balanced diet is the true key to optimal health and vitality.

  • Dries van Noten

    Dries van Noten is the third generation in a Belgian family of tailors. After graduating the famous Antwerp Royal Academy as part of the original "Antwerp Six", he launched his eponymous fashion label in 1986.

    Know for his use of exotic fabrics with artistic pattern and prints, Dries van Noten has been entirely self financed since the beginning of his career. 

  • DS & Durga

    D.S. & Durga was founded in 2009 by autodidactic perfumer David Seth Moltz and architect Kavi Moltz. They believe in pefume's ability to conjure unseen worlds. The power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound. Artistry is their first priority.

    All that they love in music, art, nature, and design is told aromatically.The scents are fragments of half-remembered myths and imaginary landscapes that invite one to explore.

  • Harris Wharf

    Harris Wharf is a contemporary outerwear brand that reimagines classic formalwear. Based in London but produced in Turin, the label is infused with London sensibilities.

    Tailored coats and blazers are sophisticated and cast in a range of muted colors. All of the brands outerwear features raw edges and are unlined to give them a youthful take on traditional tailoring.

Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items