Mayfair Tailoring offers contemporary tailoring that is manufactured in traditional sartorial ways.

Our made to measure service enables you to personalize your suits, jackets, shirts and trousers with a handsome choice of cloth, style and detail. Mayfair Tailoring can create a perfect fitting ensemble for every occasion with all the features that will define you as an individual.

Choose your preferred cloth form a selection of over 5,000 styles from the world's foremost fabric weavers.


The Essential suit is our entry-level and most affordable model.  The jacket features a fused interior and other important parts such as the cuffs, hem and arm holes are reinforced by a premium interlining for extra support. Unlike many similarly priced garments, our Essential construction features a large 3-layer canvas bib, giving the jacket its rich appearance and natural drape.

  • suits start at € 499,-
  • jackets start at € 339,-
  • trousers start at € 189,-
  • delivery time 4-5 weeks


The Semi-Traditional suit offers a perfect middle ground between a full canvas and fused model. The jacket features a multi-layer canvas between the shoulder and the chest, with a thin fusing at the front. The lapels have been equipped with a machine pinned canvas layer which results in a natural lapel roll.
The fusing provides rigidity and structure, while the canvas layers give the jacket a premium look.

  • suits start at € 575,-
  • jackets start at € 399,-
  • trousers start at € 205,-
  • delivery time 4-5 weeks


The Traditional suit is our most popular model and features a fully canvassed interior. It is lined with a multi-layer natural horsehair canvas which gives elasticity and molds to the wearers chest. The lapels are quilted by machine to provide a lovely roll. A full canvas jacket will conform to your body after use and must be worn to achieve the perfect fit, like a new pair of leather shoes.

  • suits start at € 775,-
  • jackets start at € 575,-
  • trousers start at € 245,-
  • delivery time 4-5 weeks


The Luxury suit offers all qualities our Traditional suit provides, but is enriched with even more sartorial details. The name of its construction is all-telling; The suit is almost entirely handmade with many of the essential elements finished by hand, which ensures maximum flexibility in construction and fabric.

  • suits start at € 899,-
  • jackets start at € 649,-
  • trousers start at € 305,-
  • delivery time 4-6 weeks


We offer a selection of over 1,000 shirting fabrics from Thomas Mason, Albini and David John Anderson. 

  • shirt prices start at € 95,-
  • delivery time 4-5 weeks