D.S. & Durga Freetrapper

Beaver trappers were the cowboys of early America. Renegade mountaineers of the Jacksonian era who cut trails through the wild in search of beaver pelts - prized by hatters, doctors & perfumers. Dark cedar, snake root, synthetic beaver castor & wild bergamot.

masculine | medium bodied | animalic | amber | leather | wood

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  • Top notes: distilled incense, bergamot, bitter orange
  • Heart notes: dark cedar, snakeroot, osmanthus
  • Base notes: amberwood, santal, castoreum
  • Made in USA

Freetrapper is D.S. & Durga's most modern masculine scent, but its origins are early America. Many of America's highways where originally trails used for overland passage via stagecoach and horses. Before that, trails where cut the old fashioned way with machetes. Those usually followed natural paths pounded out by large game animals in search of food.

American trails going were cut for a few important reasons, Lewis & Clark led the first expedition to survey the land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. The government wanted to find a way across the huge expanse of the western territories, hopefully by water. They hoped to establish American presence in a native land, and to set up trade routes for a much needed commodity: beavers. Beaver where happening rodents in the 18 & 19th century. They had been depleted in Europe where their fur and testicles where used for hats, cosmetics, and tanning. America was full of beavers. Much has been written about castoreum (oil extracted from the beaver's testicle-like castor sac.) Obviously it's a polarizing product. They do not use the real oil anymore, though some companies do. The real oil smells like a zoo. It is fecal, repulsive-attractive, dark and leathery. Beavers use it combined with their urine to mark their territory. It is an important animal note in perfume that offers mucho sex appeal.

Freetrapper has a delicate leathery base helped with synthetic castoreum. It starts with fresh citrus - bitter orange and bergamot, falls back upon clean blond woods and the spice of cistus labdanum, until it finally concludes with warm amber and sandalwood.

D.S. & Durga was founded in 2009 by autodidactic perfumer David Seth Moltz and architect Kavi Moltz. They believe in pefume's ability to conjure unseen worlds. The power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound. Artistry is their first priority.

All that they love in music, art, nature, and design is told aromatically.The scents are fragments of half-remembered myths and imaginary landscapes that invite one to explore.

All of their creative comes from within.  They are passionate about translating musical and literary spaces into scent.  This distinct process involves creating accords of lifelike objects, places, characters and weaving them into rich narratives.  The sniffer reading the description should be clearly able to sense the ideas within the perfume.

  • Niche perfume label from New York
  • Translates musical and literary spaces into scents
  • Perfumes created in-house using pre-indutrial methods
  • Only the best raw ingredients used
  • Available in small quantities
  • 50ml
  • Eau de parfum