D.S. & Durga Rose Atlantic

Spritzers aboard the famous Salt Spray Rose. Sinatra's summer wind, dunegrass in the distance, rosehip, the white lighthouse.

unisex | light bodied | ether | fresh | floral | green | musk

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  • Top notes: bergamot, petals, lemon oil
  • Heart notes: linden, salt spray rose accord, dune grass
  • Base notes: muscone, salt water, white moss
  • Made in USA

There is no place D.S. would rather be in the summer than by the ocean in New England. Marblehead, Maine, Philips Beach in Swampscott, Nantucket...to name a few. It's hot but the sea breeze brings in cool slated air by the early afternoon. The cloudless sky looks east over the Atlantic. Seagulls hang over the cutters, Sloops, and Scoonahs (real spelling Schooner). The borders of the beachhead are covered in bushes of single-petaled rosa rugosa. The musk rose. So fresh and purple fruity in the summer sun. By late summer the rose hips a bright tomato red. They are sour and filled with seeds. They hang heavy over the deep green leaves. Honeysuckle, black raspberry, and other vines intertwine amongst the dune grass.

There is so much music associated with this time of the year. Summer jams. Soul music. The sweet syrup of Sam Cooke, the gruff growl of Otis. Doo-wop. And the dinky organ of Sinatra's "Summer Wind". D.S. went to day camp on an island. Every morning they went on a ferryboat with 2 floors (The Hannah Glover). They sang sons the whole way out. On the way home they would blast "The Summer Wind" and everyone would belt out the words. "MY FICKLE FRIEND!" was the height.

This scent isn't just a rose. It has the ocean, delicate petals, the green stem, the waxy leaves, and the fresh idillic powder of summertime. It is an everyday perfume.

D.S. & Durga was founded in 2009 by autodidactic perfumer David Seth Moltz and architect Kavi Moltz. They believe in pefume's ability to conjure unseen worlds. The power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound. Artistry is their first priority.

All that they love in music, art, nature, and design is told aromatically.The scents are fragments of half-remembered myths and imaginary landscapes that invite one to explore.

All of their creative comes from within.  They are passionate about translating musical and literary spaces into scent.  This distinct process involves creating accords of lifelike objects, places, characters and weaving them into rich narratives.  The sniffer reading the description should be clearly able to sense the ideas within the perfume.

  • Niche perfume label from New York
  • Translates musical and literary spaces into scents
  • Perfumes created in-house using pre-indutrial methods
  • Only the best raw ingredients used
  • Available in small quantities
  • 50ml
  • Eau de parfum